Total Spine Solution’s Physiotherapy Department

Back pain is the most common form of pain every adult has experienced at least once in life. We at Total Spine Solution are determined to improve the quality of life of our patients and prevent injuries in the future for a better tomorrow.

The physiotherapy department at the Total Spine Solutions is driven by the latest evidence based effective treatment strategies that are aimed at addition of healthy movement patterns into everyone’s lives. A majority of our patients were able to live a pain-free life without any surgeries! We bring a unique treatment strategy that encourages patients to actively participate in the treatment, translate the treatment into their day to day lives and which increases their independence.

We have Top Physiotherapists who served a plethora of cases from different walks of life and each of their patients receives a customized exercise program that fits into the patient’s life and helps them achieve their goals. Each patient goes back with a tailormade exercise playlist which has video and photographic demonstrations of exercises along with its dosage and duration.

We offer the following best physiotherapy services:

  • Manual therapy- joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilizations.
  • Therapeutic taping- Kinesiotaping, Rigid taping.
  • Exercise therapy- Corrective exercises, strength training, return to sport and return to function protocols, swiss ball exercise training, yoga, mat Pilates.
  • Ergonomics.

We treat a plethora of conditions ranging from pre-operative and post-operative spine care to sports and musculoskeletal injuries, lifestyle and work related musculoskeletal dysfunctions, and mechanical spine dysfunctions.